If your company doesn’t have an advertising strategy, it going to be an up-hill battle to succeed. We can read between the lines well enough in any industry to develop a fool proof strategy that is guaranteed to increase a company’s ROI. Guaranteed!

Web Development

We have several years experience in web development. We take all things into consideration, such as speed, navigation, conversions and optimization. We can do in 3 months what other companies take 6-12 months to do.

Search Engine Optimization

With over 15 years of performing organic online promotion, we’re familiar with all of the tactics necessary to follow guidelines issued by search engines and also generate lots of traffic.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We have written a program made with Artificial Intelligence to aid us in saving a companies budget by analyzing conversions and bidding in an automated way. We save companies between 15-25% of their money.


Every company needs a strategy. Don’t get caught without one,

At Lion Heart Advertising, we’re all about strategy. Every business is different and for each individual business it requires a different strategy. We’re always studying competition and learning from their success and their mistakes. This is one of the primary values that Lion Heart Advertising has to offer. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, if you don’t have knowledge of your competitors or their agenda, you could be left behind.

Unfortunately, we’ve had this happen to a few of our clients that didn’t want to worry about their businesses until it was too late. We treat a company as if it were ours. Our first point of interest in our agenda is to protect the companies advertising dollars. If they’re not spending them right, we need to notify the company that there is an easier and more affordable way to spend their advertising dollars with a higher return. Some listen and some don’t.


If you come across a company that hasn’t provided you with research and study’s on your industry and the competitors that are ahead of you, proceed cautiously. This usually winds up putting you in line with just another number. We rescue companies from these guys all the time. Don’t be another number.


We have been called the #1 company for strategy and implementation. We stand by it, although we’re humble in our presence. Lion Heart Advertising uses our years of experience to read between the lines and mold a strategy that will exceed the expectations of results, or we won’t take the job. We’re not into wasting time and we sure don’t want to waste yours.

Action and Results

Once we have a strategy and a road map to success, it’s time for implementation. We prefer to call it action, because we hit the ground running to deliver results very quickly. The reality is if you don’t see results, you won’t use us anymore. We have clients that have been with us for years and we’re sure once you see what we can do you will be too. The affordable part doesn’t hurt either.

Web Development

We have several years experience with front end/back end web development which separates us from the other companies out there.

Lion Heart offers affordable web design and development services in South Florida for a wide range of organizations and brands. We trust that a well-crafted web design and development strategy is the foundation of any business with a website. All of our website are mobile friendly and we guarantee speed.

We don’t just make you a clean and user friendly website. We assess what the other leaders in the industry are doing and then imitate what’s already working with a unique design specific to your company. Our web developers, graphic designers and search engine optimization team work cohesively together to make sure when we launch your website, you have something that will knock a potential customers socks off.


We spend 4-8 hours researching a companies competitors and assessing loopholes as well as conversions on their websites.

Planning & Mapping

We map out a step by step implementation strategy to develop out a path to success


We take the road map we develop out and put it into practical application to further make the business appear better online and generate more traffic.

We study and re-implement

Once we’ve fulfilled our implementation process, we’re not done. In fact, the real work has just begun. We study the improvement of results and tweak what’s necessary to assure increasing revenue for the clients business. It’s all about R.O.I.

Search Engine Optimization

We have over 15 years experience optimizing websites and web pages.

When it comes to search engine optimization there are a lot of companies out there that say they know what they’re doing, but not many that do. We suggest if you’re shopping you ask for references. However, Lion Heart Advertising has tons of references and several current clients that are enjoying the benefits of more customers because of our SEO skills.

One of the biggest issues we’ve found with new customers is that their original web development company didn’t build out their website for search engine success. They designed it to be pretty, but not to convert to leads and customers. We take this into account when developing any website, because it;s our job to prepare you for your future success.

A website is as good as a business card if not optimized correctly. You’ll have to tell people about it rather than people finding it organically.

Keyword Research

We have several tools that we use to find out what search query your competitors are being found under and what your potential customers are searching for to help you start to rank under those search engine query’s.

On-Page SEO

In many cases a company has a very bad on-page readability to search engines which can keep you on page 3 or 4 of Google or Bing. Studies show 80% of searchers don’t leave the first page when searching for something on a search engine. and 40-60% won’t even go below the fold (below the view-able search). This means you need to be at the top of the results. The only way to do this is using best practices. This starts with on-page SEO.

Off Page SEO

Search Engines rely on other valued websites for suggestions on the best websites to appear in search results. These valued websites link to your website telling Google and Bing that your website is worthy to appear under your services products keywords (search query’s). It very important to have authoritative well established websites linking to yours and these are called back links (their linking back to your website).


Business have the potential to be talked about all over the internet in a good and bad way, but search engines pick this up as being trustworthy information further establishing your brand name, business name, location and website. When websites are listing your businesses location and services it further establishes your business in the eyes of Google and Bing. When hype is created about your company in forums and on social media this increases traffic.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

No-one can do it like we do.

Lion Heart Advertising has a friend made from artificial intelligence called, “Guilty Spark.” Guilty Spark helps us manage a Pay-Per-Click campaing by running numbers to aid in efficiently detecting what keywords to bid on and how much to bid. It runs itself…

This isn’t all we bring to the table though…

When it comes to Googles or Bings paid advertising platforms there are several factors that need to be taken into account in order to not have you spending tons of money on advertising. Google calls this “Quality Score.” One of the key pieces to this puzzle is landing page development and keyword research. Once this is accomplished Guilty Spark takes over and  implements the analytical side, but this isn’t before Lion Hear Advertising has to make sure the landing pages are fast and easy to understand as well as compelling enough to convert.

Landing Page Development

Some Pay-Per-Click campaigns require hundreds of landing pages, but this isn’t before we run A/B testing to see what converts better. Once we have a landing page that works, then we need to focus on Quality Score and Geo routing. (One page for each geographic region.) Geo routing helps us see the areas that are converting on a higher scale so we can save you money down the road.

Click-To-Call Campaigns

Google started offering the opportunity to generate calls only through their advertising platform and we can do this very well. Whereas with Pay-Per-Click advertising you have to pay for every click which may not result in a lead, click to call advertising you pay per call.

Re-marketing and Display Advertising

Ever wonder why websites you visit follow you around? Well this is called re-marketing. Websites drop tracking cookies onto your browser which in-turn show you ads on other participating websites. We help businesses implement this technology and it’s very affordable when compared to Pay-Per-Click.


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