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Lion Heart has had enormous success as a South Florida advertising agency for several years when we combine all collectives of our staff together. We came together as a unit to form Lion Heart Advertising to offer dependable services to clients with an affordable rate. After three years we’ve managed keeping our customer retention rate at 100%!

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Our South Florida advertising agency is proud to work with leaders in the Florida business community and continue to grow in a trusted relationship with them. We’ve listed some of the companies that we helped to increase sales and exposure through search engine marketing and graphic design services.

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If your company doesn’t have an advertising strategy, it going to be an up-hill battle to succeed. We can read between the lines well enough in any industry to develop a fool proof strategy that is guaranteed to increase a company’s ROI. Guaranteed!

Web Development

We have several years experience in web development. We take all things into consideration, such as speed, navigation, conversions and optimization. We can do in 3 months what other companies take 6-12 months to do.


With over 15 years of performing organic online promotion, we’re familiar with all of the tactics necessary to follow guidelines issued by search engines and also generate lots of traffic.


We have written a program made with Artificial Intelligence to aid us in saving a companies budget by analyzing conversions and bidding in an automated way. We save companies between 15-25% of their money.

Our Specialists

Peter Dimaira CEO of Lion Heart Advertising LLC and cheif strategist of advertising and media placement

Peter Dimaira CEO
SEO Specialist, Illustrator, Web Developer

Dr. Ken Huchison Head of IT and Guilty Spark AI CEO head of Pay-per-Click Advertising

Ken Hutchison CTO A.I. Specialist
PhD Engineering, PhD Mathematics, entrepreneur.

ella micheals head of content development and graphic design

Ella Michaels Design Manager
BA Business Administration, Art Sciences, Applied Mathematics

Michael Vascellaro Graphic Designer Photographer

Michael Vascellaro
Graphic Designer Photographer


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